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Beware of the Whatsapp Malware!

Beware of the Whatsapp Malware!

Even though Operating Systems like Android, iOS and Windows are getting more secure, the rate of malware attacks is only increasing. These malwares are roaming around freely in the internet hidden in pirated softwares, fake applications or use names of popular apps and attack users through them. A major new piece of malicious software has been uncovered by a security team that apparently targets diplomats, key figures within military circles and business executives, and  can affect Windows Phone, Android and iOS too only if it’s jailbroken. This is the Whatsapp Malware.

The malware’s existence has been confirmed by Kaspersky Labs and is said to be highly sophisticated in how it penetrates its users privacy. In fact, whereas most malware is merely the work of one or a few bedroom hackers, the so-called “Inception – Cloud Atlas” attack is being touted as the rebirth of the famed RedOctober malware platform that also targeted similar high-profile men and women.

To avoid being targetted by this malware, Android users should avoid downloading any apps, specially Whatsapp from unknown sources. The attackers attack through ads and pop-ups displaying a special whatsapp update or a version of whatsapp with special features. It can also be shown as Whatsapp 2015 or Whatsapp+(not to be confused with the tweak Whatsapp+) The link might be shown as a genuine Playstore or App store in case of iOS. The same goes for jailbroken iOS users. Do not pirate apps or tweaks. And do not install apps from unknown souces.

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This is an example of the malware doing its thing. As you can see, the link provided shows iTunes, even though it takes you to an unkown site. The downloaded application is fake and has no functionality. Just taking a looking at all your personal information!

Hope this information will be helpful to you! If you do encounter this malware be sure to wipe your device and give it a restore!