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What Is Jailbreak? Why And How To Do It?

iOS has been a major player in smartphone OS sphere since 2007. The only problem iOS posed on technology enthusiasts was the closed environment it was based on which made the stable OS it is today. To break the walls of Apple’s garden, Geohot a young hacker came up with jailbreaking. So, What is Jailbreaking? Jailbreaking is a method by which we infiltrate the walls of that closed garden and open it to a whole new world and possibilities. In other words, we hack into iOS and supercharge it with the power of customization.

That’s why a lot of people enjoy jailbreaking their iOS devices as it lets you customize the UI with apps and other features that Apple wouldn’t normally allow. Jailbreaking is pretty easy, and has differnt tools for it for different versions of th OS, the latest being evasiOn and Pangu. These tools provide us with a new app called cydia which enables you to find your favorite tweaks and themes.

The reason why  jailbreaking isn’t very popular is probably because the term ‘jailbreak’ sounds quite intimidating. Also it does void the warranty unless you restore back to stock. Jailbreak if used carelessly can harm your device temporarily but, can easily be fixed by a simple restore using iTunes.

Some tweaks that make me jailbreak are Auxo 2 (multitasking screen on steroids) , and Winterboard (the theme engine of iOS), my personal favorites. And here are the top reasons to jailbreak:

Jailbreaking will allow you to customize your iOS device in every way possible. You can install themes using winterboard to change the look and feel of your phone. Jailbreak tweaks also let you add more icons to the dock or remove them all, additional row of keys to iOS using altkeyboard, change the carrier logo and a lot more.If you hate the icons for the stock apps in iOS 7, then you will be able to replace them with ios 6 icons or other theme icons. We also expect developers to launch tweaks that will allow users to change or disable the zoom animations. Using messagescusomizer you can change the overall look of the stock messages app and using bitesms, add features like quick reply. You are also given the ability to set your own ringtone, which for some reason apple doesnt allow.

Despite the 200 new features added in iOS 7, there are still gazillion reasons to jailbreak your iDevice. We also can’t wait to see how Cydia developers will be able to find exploits for iOS 8 and bring us the jailbreak for the latest version of iOS.

Edit: Jailbreak for iOS 8 and 9 available now.

To learn how to jailbreak your iOS devices, refer to the links below:

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