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Some of the Most WTF Weird Videos You’ll Get to See on YouTube!!

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform in the world. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month. That’s the amount of people who use YouTube. There is a lot of crazy the billions of users share on YouTube that can make you go WTF!! Check out these crazy videos and tell us what do you think!

Best Cry– Autotuned

First check out the original video:


Now, get ready to laugh your asses off!


Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

Don’t confuse this video with some educational children song, watch it till the end!!



D4NNY Goodbye To Everybody

10 hours of pure enjoyment and quality music.

Sorry if I made you cry and make your ears bleed!


How To Teach a Child To Swim

Follow this easy tutorial to make your child the best swimmer…or maybe not.


A Beatboxer on TED!!

This one will make you go WTF in a good way. You’ll be blown away when you’ll see what this man can do with his voice!

Turn Down For What

You’ve probably heard this awesome song, but did you know that it comes with the weirdest video ever? Check out this cool video!

Oh yeah..


Sweet Brown and Why Why Manti- Autotunes

Somebody’s got a lot of time in hand and a hell lot of creativity to create these masterpieces. Check these videos out!

and this one..

The Best Unsigned Rapper

This one isn’t YouTube, But you’ve got to see it! This man is a musical genius!!

The darkness!!


Hope you enjoyed this collection of the most funny weirdest videos on youtube. Have something weirder to share? Share in the comments below!