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Walking Dead Fans Behold! The Best Musical Parody Ever!

The show ‘Walking Dead’ has come very far now, heading in a very good direction. Things are getting more and more intense as every episode passes. Currently ‘Walking Dead’ is airing its fifth season, which has now reached its sixth episode. They have lost their beloved prison, survived the serious situation that took place at the mysterious terminus, Rick doing all kind of serious shit (killing people with his teeth!!) and so much more. The next episode will be here soon, but here’s a lttle dose of ‘Walking Dead’ in a completely different style. Enjoy this Walking Dead musical parody presented by ‘The Hillywood show’. The song ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ totally compliments the video and makes zombie hunting so much cooler. Enjoy this recap of Walking Dead in a way never seen before.

Hope you liked this awesome video full of awesome dance moves and the crazy slow-mos. If this wasn’t enough for you check out the next video. You’re definitely gonna get a good amount of laugh out of this one. This is a video by the youtubers ‘Bad Lip Reading’. By their name you can what this video is gonna be like, so check it out!!

So what do you think about these videos? Hilarious right? Hope you enjoyed!!