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Use Whatsapp via Web!

Use Whatsapp via Web!

To use Whatsapp on PC we have tried all kind of hacks and apps to make it work, most of them being unsuccessful. Whatsapp noticed this want of their users and have now launched its own official version. This service can be used via chrome on desktops and ‘some’ Android devices. To try it out head over to

At the moment, the web application works on Windows PCs and Android devices, but not in mobile or desktop Safari. However, it can be accessed on desktop Macs using Google’s Chrome browser, but not on iPhones and iPads running Chrome.Support for more browsers is “coming soon,” says a notice on the website.

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When you head over to the website you’re greeted with a page with a QR code like the one in the image above.  The page shows us the supported devices which has been increased since yesterday. iOS support should be there soon.  Follow the instructions for each device type and scan the QR code. Check the ‘keep me signed in’ box to stay logged in.

This is an awesome extension to Whatsapp. Wilo make it easier to use it when working your PC while working.

Do share your experiences with the Whatsapp web service down in the comments!