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The Best Scanner App Scanbot- Free for a Limited Time!

The best scanner app ‘Scanbot’ is free for a limited time. This is one of the best scanner app among the lot in the iOS App Store.

These apps are not just the camera taking a close-up shot of the document that needs to be scanned, but actually makes the picture taken much more clearer, readable and presentable using some special methods. The days of using traditional scanners are almost over. The pictures taken by the high quality cameras are good enough alone, but using these scanner apps really does make it better, definitely worth a try.

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As you can see in the picture above, the smartphone camera focuses entirely on the subject area and then enhances the text on the document to make it more readable and print-friendly. Scanbot – usually $1.99 – is one such app, and not only is it one of our personal favorites, but it’s also favored by a large group of individuals that wish to turn their iPhones and iPads into scanning gadgets. With a range of editing features and effortless sync with most of the major cloud services, Scanbot is the archetypal all-in-one, and now, it’s completely free of charge.

You can download  Scanbot for iOS for free from the App store for a limited time. Also you could give Scanner pro by Readdle a try, which is much superior than Scanbot and is available for $3 at the moment (50% off). Or you could wait as the app has been given away for free on multiple occasions!

Hope you’ll enjoy your free scanner app! Leave a comment for any queries or suggestions!