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Send Music from The Whatsapp iPhone App, Hide Read Receipts and Much More!! (Updated for iOS 8)

Apple has laid on a lot of restrictions on their iOS users such as customization, Bluetooth file sharing, music sharing, downloading content from the web and so much more! Music is not shareable via Whatsapp either on the iPhone app, but is allowed on other platforms like Android. This is done to prevent piracy of music as iTunes is a big source of income for Apple and is the biggest music selling platform.


But, their is always a way to bypass Apple’s restrictions if you’re jailbroken. Whatsapp+, a jailbreak tweak allows you to send music  from the Whatsapp iPhone app directly from your music library. Thats not where the benefits of this tweak ends. Their is a lot more functionalities in this tweak that are quite useful, such as:

  • Stealth Mode- Allows you to hide your last seen time stamp from others.
  • Full size profile pictures- No need for your profile pictures to be confined within that square box when you can use full size photos with this cool tweak.
  • No limit to the size of the media you want to send to your friend
  • Unlimited words in your status
  • Disable read receipts- The person will only get a single check mark for the messages he sends, even though you’ve already read it!
  • Use TWO different whatsapp accounts on one phone using this tweak.
  • Change the text color of the texts in Whatsapp

To get this tweak head over to Cydia and search for Whatsapp+ in the  Bigboss repo.

Update: Whatsapp+ has now been updated for iOS 8 and also allows us to disable the whatsapp blue ticks signifying read receipts. So go get it for iOS 8 and your new iPhone 6 and 6 plus

And this is how you send music from the whatsapp iPhone app directly from your music library and also add much more functionality to the app! For any queries leave a  comment below!