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Is the Illuminati Real? Here’s Your Answer!

Secret societies have existed since human civilization began. They control things that the average person doesn’t even fathom, cause drastic events…were probably behind 9/11, the Martin Luther King assassination, JFK assassination, the Lincoln assassination, the Holocaust, both World Wars, American Revolution, Napoleon’s defeat, French Revolution, English Revolution, etc. Need I go on? The most popular among these ‘secret’ societies has been the ‘Illuminati’, which has a lot of conspiracy theories around it. So is the Illuminati real? Check out this video for your answer:

Ha! Not what you expected?

Even though this was video was for fun, it definitely had a lot of logical facts that made sense. Is Ryan H’ee’ga Illuminati as well? Who knows! There was a lot of comedy involved in the video, but the logic used to triangulate Israel as Illuminati really seems real. Scary huh?

Hope you enjoyed this video. What do you think? Leave a comment below!